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  1. Von Adler

    happy because i can slide

    happy because i can slide
  2. Von Adler


    IMO gangs should act more like gangs and there should be an actual rule where it states that if youre not in crutches or something unfortunate like that you should always go to defend your turf. Why get a turf and be a gang member if i take 5 turfs in a row where i see people are actually on...
  3. Von Adler


    Make a role "Event leader" and make it their responsibility be to lead events like minigames where they stash cars and post clues, go to locations do 1v1s-2v2s-gang vs gang, and so on with bullets and guns covered and ofc with rewards for the winners i think that would be fun a couple times a...
  4. Von Adler

    sad cuz i cant slide

    sad cuz i cant slide